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Asphalt sealing is the most effective way to protect an asphalt pavement, greatly extending its life and serviceability. Angell Flight Asphalt is the Eugene / Springfield and surrounding area’s asphalt sealing expert with over 24 years of experience. The purpose of an asphalt sealant is to act as a protective sealant for asphalt exposed to the elements. Asphalt sealants lock in the important qualities of pavement that keep it sound, and lock out the elements that cause deterioration. When left unprotected, asphalt deteriorates much quicker due to its exposure to sunlight, water, salts, chemicals and petroleum products. These elements cause cracks and potholes to form that allow water into the pavement structure, greatly accelerating a pavement’s failure. These failures not only cause serious problems for the pavement, but also create serious hazards for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Asphalt service Asphalt service Asphalt service

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The paving professionals of Angell Flight Asphalt & Seal Coating have been supplying the asphalt and seal coating needs of Eugene, Springfield and all surrounding areas for over 24 years.


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Why should asphalt be sealed?

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Yes, they should be repaired. You cannot afford to ignore the cracks in the pavement. Cracks can be a result of pavement not being properly maintained, poor installation, or simply due to aging. Regardless, cracks allow moisture to seep down into the structure of the pavement and cause serious damage to it and the underlying base layers. As cracks grow and get larger, potholes begin to form. Left unrepaired, the surrounding areas begin to disintegrate and require major asphalt repairs including a complete resurfacing.

Should cracks in my asphalt be repaired?

No, it is normal for there to be tire marking and scuffing on newly paved parking lots, especially during periods of hot weather. The appearance of these marks and scuffs is normal, and in no way affects the long-term performance of the pavement. The marking and scuffing subsides within a few weeks, after the asphalt has had a chance to completely cool down. Once that happens, the tire marks and scuffing will disappear.

Should one be concerned about tire marking and scuffing on a newly paved parking lot?

In most applications, you can drive on it the very next day.

When can I drive on my new asphalt?

The appearance of tire marks and scuffing is normal, and does not affect the long-term performance of your sealant. Tire marking and scuffing appear normally in the warmest times of year, when the seal coat hasn't cured completely. Within a few weeks, the markings and scuffing will subside and the marks will disappear.

Should one be concerned about tire marking and scuffing on a newly seal coated surface?